Collecting Intangibles: Marketing Strategies for Net art Works



Node nº13 of the peer-review journal on art, science and technology  Artnodes (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), on “Media Art history/stories”, includes my article on strategies for selling net art, which is part of my current doctoral research.


Since its emergence, internet art has adopted a critical stance towards the traditional art world and has marked a distance from the market and galleries. However, over the last decade, many net artists have sought to sell or obtain some financial return for their work, whether through initiatives of their own or in cooperation with galleries and collectors. In regard to works freely accessible on the Internet – which only exist in the exchange of data between two machines – I examine several sales strategies developed by net artists, gallery owners/managers and other groups to overcome the limitations imposed by traditional art market approaches based on scarcity and exclusivity. The examples discussed ultimately lead us to consider possible alternatives to art market dynamics that more closely reflect current artistic practices.


art; internet; net art; contemporary art; digital art; collecting

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