Post-Internet Art or relational aesthetics 2.0

Article written for Input Magazine #3, 2015

Art Futura 2014: The Digital Promise

Opening text for the catalogue of the Art Futura festival 2014

Art Matters International Conference 2014

Member of the organizing commitee and designer of the logo, promotional material and website

Family Album: depicting intimacy through art

Lecture in a series of art theory conferences in the framework of the Visiona festival in Huesca

MUSAC: IV Meeting on Social Networks in Museums and Art Production Centers

Round table discussion at the IV Encuentro sobre Redes Sociales en Museos y Centros de Arte y Producción: Intermedia-Redes-Ecosistemas at the Contemporary Art Museum in Castilla y León (MUSAC).

Collecting Art in the Age of Access

Interview with Rory Blain, director of Sedition. Article published in ETC Media, Issue 102, p.52-61, 2014

StillReel, streaming art

Interview with Nick D'Arcy Fox, founder of StillReel, a platform that provides digital art in streaming

Unpainted, a new node for the digital art market

Article about the first UNPAINTED Media Art Fair in Munich (January, 2014), published in contemporary art magazine

Tabula Rasa or the (im)possibility of building a generation

Traveling group exhibition of young artists from the Balearic Islands. Presented in Palma (ES), Helsinki (FI) and Tilburg (NL)

Baltic Sea Radio at the Art Line catalogue

Text about the networked installation Baltic Sea Radio, by Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet, published in Art Line. A Baltic Collaboration

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