Pau Waelder

Selected writing

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Books as author

You Can Be A Wealthy/ Cash-Strapped Art Collector in the Digital Age. Printer Fault Press, 2020.

Books as editor

Machines & Fictions. Félix Luque Sánchez. Centre des Arts d’Enghien-Les-Bains, 2020.



PhD Thesis

Selling and collecting art in the network society. Interactions among contemporary art new media and the art market. PhD Thesis, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2016.

NFT and the contemporary art market

NFTs and the Crypto Art Market: an Interview with Pau Waelder. Rebecca Partridge. Berlin Art Link. February 11, 2022
Why we keep talking about NFTs
CCCB Lab. December 14, 2021 [EN] [ES] [CA]
Una potencial integración del arte digital en el mercado del arte contemporáneo. Interview by B.Arias. Art Matters. May 10, 2021 [ES]
Entrevista con Pau Waelder. MOSAIC. April 28, 2021 [ES]
The challenges of the digital art market beyond the NFT boom. Interview by Valentina Tanni. Artribune. April 1, 2021 [EN] [IT]

Collecting and preserving new media art

Write, re-write, backup: piecing together the histories of Net art. ETC MEDIA Issue #111. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2017
Keep it alive or let it die: preservation of new media art, curating and the art market. ETC MEDIA Issue #109. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2017
Niio: the future of collecting video and digital art. Media Art, Vol. 69. Madrid: Salamir, 2016
On the conflict between owning and sharing digital artworks. ETC MEDIA Issue #108. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2016
DAD: A System for Collectors of Digital Art. Media Art, Vol. 65. Madrid: Salamir, 2015.
Coleccionar intangibles: estrategias de venta de obras de net art. Artnodes. N.º 13, pág. 111-119. UOC, 2014
[see also: Interviews]

Contemporary art market and new media

Digital art after COVID-19. Interview by Maria Chiara Wang. EXIBART. June 11, 2020 
Asymmetrical Response: Olia Lialina and Cory Arcangel Media Art, Vol. 73. Madrid: Salamir, 2018.
Networked or unmonumental: Spanish contemporary art after the Internet
Estonian Art, 1/2017. Tallinn: Estonian Institute, 2017
New media in the contemporary art market: access, ownership and artificial scarcity. La Fondation Daniel Langlois pour l’art, la science et la technologie, 2016.
The art market in the era of access. Anuario AC/E de Cultura Digital. Madrid: Acción Cultural Española, 2016.
Galerie Charlot, placing new media art in the art market. Media Art, Vol. 68. Madrid: Salamir, 2016.
How to sell online art and make millions (of visits). The Wrong Biennale, 2015.
Arte Post-Internet o la estética relacional 2.0. Input nº3. Madrid: Syzen Media, 2015.
Framing Digital Art. ETC MEDIA Issue #104. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2015.
Digital Divide: A Matter of Habitus. artpress2: L’art numérique, et après?. Paris: Art Publications, 2013.
Different but always the same: the online art market. ETC. Révue de l’art actuel, Vol. 98. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2013
Unpainted: a new node for the digital art market. Media Art, Vol. 58-59. Madrid: Salamir, 2014.
StillReel, streaming art in the age of access. Media Art, Vol. 60. Madrid: Salamir, 2014.
The Description of an Infinite Set of Drawings. ETC MEDIA Issue #106. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2015.
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Fragments of a Source Code. Project section, Vol. 47-48. Madrid: Salamir, 2013
White Cube Augmented: AR Art and the Gallery Space. ETC. Révue de l’art actuel, Vol. 97. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2013.
[see also: Interviews]


Digital art can no longer be ignored: interview with Wolf Lieser. Media Art, Vol. 62-63. Madrid: Salamir, 2015.
Interview with Ben Vickers, Curator of Digital at Serpentine Galleries. Media Art, Vol. 66-67. Madrid: Salamir, 2015.
Collecting art in the age of access: interview with Rory Blain, director of Sedition. ETC MEDIA Issue #102. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2014.
Transfer: out of the browser, into the gallery space. ETC MEDIA Issue #103. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2014.
XPO, the art gallery in the digital era. Media Art, Vol. 56-57. Madrid: Salamir, 2013.
Carroll/Fletcher: Art beyond Medium. ETC. Révue de l’art actuel, Vol. 101. Montréal: ETC Inc, 2013.
An Interview With Carlo Zanni : On Pay-per-view Net Art. ETC. Révue de l’art actuel, Vol. 95. Montréal: ETC Inc., 2013
Lynn Hershman-Leeson: Excavating Histories. Media Art Section, Vol. 50-51. Madrid: Salamir, 2013.
Interview with Steve Sacks (bitforms gallery). Media Art Section, Vol. 38. Madrid: Salamir, 2011.
Interview with Wolf Lieser (DAM gallery). Media Art Section, Vol. 39. Madrid: Salamir, 2011.
Interview with Magdalena Sawon and Tamas Banovich from Postmasters art gallery. Media Art Section, Vol. 41. Madrid: Salamir, 2011.Why June