Pau Waelder


Selected teaching in Graduate, Post-Graduate, and Masters degrees in universities, and online courses.

Master PHotoESPAÑA 2022

Pau has taught a masterclass about the digital art market to students, explaining the development of the market and the transformations brought to photography by digital technologies such as geolocation and artificial intelligence.

Coding in art and design

Open learning resource on coding in art and design co-authored with Paloma G. Díaz for the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

E-book: Learn, Play, Code

Edited and updated compilation of articles about the initiatives linked to facilitating the learning of programming and R&D processes in young users.

Ebook: Everyday Interfaces

Among the activities of the Telefónica-UOC Chair in Multimedia Design and Creation is the production of free […]

Media art and the Art Market

Symposium at the LENTOS Contemporary Art Museum in which I participate with the lecture "Browse, Download, Subscribe. Selling Art Online"

Displays workshop at ENSADLab

Series of workshops about conceptualizing and curating exhibtions organized by EnsadLab in Paris in which I participated alongside Martin John Callanan and Guilhem Pratz.