Pau Waelder


Curating New Media Art: Process, Interaction, Virtuality (4th edition)

Online course at NODE Curatorial Studies Online
Fourth edition
January 13 – February 3, 2020



As more and more artists integrate digital technologies in their work, it is common for curators to deal with the specificities of artworks that move away from the traditional notion of the static object and need to be plugged, configured, maintained or interacted with. The artworks usually labeled as new media art present certain challenges for curators, exhibitions spaces and audiences, while they open up possibilities for different ways of conceiving and developing an exhibition.

This course will focus on curating new media art through three features commonly present in artworks related to technology: process, interaction and virtuality. These aspects will lead us to consider, through a hands-on approach, the practicalities of curating new media art, from the very concept of the exhibition, to developing a project, calculating a budget, installing the artworks and presenting them to the public. Each week, we will discuss these subjects through case studies, suggested readings and sharing ideas.

Week 1. Contexts and narratives
Understanding the context: what is new media art?
Creating the narrative in a group exhibition
Factoring in technology in a curatorial project
Working with artists: establishing fees and collaborations
Assignment – develop the main concept of your curated exhibition

Week 2. Process
Setup and maintenance of process-based artworks
Explaining the process to communicate the meaning
How to manage the duration of contemplation
The role of curators in the preservation of new media art
Assignment – select the artworks and define technical requirements

Week 3. Interaction
Designing the exhibition space
Engaging the audience in an interactive installation
Interactivity and meaning: thought-provoking or entertaining?
Interaction in public spaces, from perception to legislation
Assignment – design the space of your exhibition using a floorplan

Week 4. Virtuality
Curating net art, AR and VR projects
Conceiving an exhibition space without objects
Defining a visual identity and a communications plan
Considerations on production and final project evaluation
Assignment – establish a production and communications plan

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