Pau Waelder

The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) has recently published as an open learning resource a module on coding in art and design that Paloma G. Díaz and I wrote on a commission from Profs. Enric Mor and Susanna Tesconi.

The module is divided in four parts and is available in Spanish and Catalan at the UOC’s open learning resources of the Degree on Arts.


  1. Software – Pau Waelder
    1. We live in a society of software
    2. An intellectual history of software
    3. Software as culture
    4. Software takes command
  2. Creating with code – Pau Waelder
    1. What is creative coding?
    2. Creative coding tools: Processing, openFrameworks, MaxMSP/Pure Data, vvvv, Cinder, Javascript environments
    3. Why use open source software?
  3. Coding and design – Pau Waelder
    1. Parametric design
    2. Generative design
    3. Design and Artificial Intelligence
    4. Should designers know how to code?
  4. Computational and interactive art – Paloma G. Díaz
    1. The bases of computational art in the twentieth century
    2. Net art
    3. Cycle change: creation in the era of Big Data
    4. Interactive art
    5. The interactor: new relationships with the digital