Pau Waelder


Book: AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report 2016


The AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report analyses the main technological trends that cultural managers will need to bear in mind in the coming years in order to have a better understanding of the impact of new technologies on their culture organisations.

This third edition sets out to analyse the impact of new technologies on artistic creation and their use at cultural festivals. Its broad-ranging content has been divided into two main sections to make it easier to read for the different audiences at which it is aimed. Both sections of the AC/E Annual Report speak of a hybrid realm halfway between technology and art; of blending between the physical and digital words; of vanishing boundaries between industries; and of the use of smart analyses and algorithms to give value and meaning to the often too much but never enough data. The chosen topics explore the pathways of the new collaborative economy; analyse its impact on artistic creation; examine the new space for interaction between people, machines and industries; and explain the changes that have taken place in markets and in how artworks are produced and sold.

The book features the commissioned article “The art market in the age of access”, in which I discuss the latest developments in the contemporary art market related to new media and I analyse the opinions of several Spanish artists who work with new media in terms of their relationship with the art market.

The e-book is available in Spanish and English as a free download in PDF, Epub and Mobi formats. It is also possible to read it online.