Pau Waelder


Master PHotoESPAÑA 2022

A master’s degree for photography professionals with the aim of conceiving and carrying out a photographic project.

At a time when not only photography, but all of society, is immersed in the changes resulting from technological development, the Master PHotoESPAÑA opens up to new realities such as the virtual space as a possible project exhibition center; new image production techniques; the new currents of curating; or digital markets. All of them current issues, which the master addresses, without forgetting of course the most classic currents or the evolution of photographic language. Since we can only understand the paradigm in which we find ourselves, if we know the one from which we come.

The PHotoESPAÑA Master has a continuous enrollment structure, with three enrollment calls in the months of January, April and October. The content of the curriculum is the same for each edition. 

Market and agencies. Professional remuneration for work and photographic work

Stabilization in the market allows the photographer not only to live from his work, but also to grow and consolidate as a professional. Directors of fairs, collections, galleries and auction houses will offer the student a broad perspective of the factors that affect photographic work for sale and the events and places where it occurs.

On the other hand, our programming pays special attention to the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), on the content, circulation, sale of images and positioning of artists. Therefore, we will also have digital sales specialists, relational ranking databases, galleries and platforms specialized exclusively in the sale of digital or network-generated works and, of course, specialists in NFT.

Pau has taught a masterclass about the digital art market to students, explaining the development of the market and the transformations brought to photography by digital technologies such as geolocation and artificial intelligence.

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