Pau Waelder


VIDEONALE: Internet Culture(s) panel

Festival for Video and Time-Based Arts
Kunstmuseum Boon
February 23rd, 2019

Panel: Internet Culture(s) – Resistance and Options
Talk with
Dr. Tatiana Bazzichelli (director Disruption Network Lab, Berlin)
Zach Blas (artist/lecturer in Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University London)
Vera Tollmann (cultural scientist/writer, Berlin)
UBERMORGEN (artists/professors Academy of Media Arts Cologne)
Dr. Pau Waelder (independent art critic/curator)

The panel examines the influence of internet culture on visual art, placing a focus on artworks produced for the internet as well as alternative models to the status quo. What democratizing potentials does the internet possess, how does it alter our notions of reality, individuality, originality, identity, and truth? Light is also to be shed on questions related to surveillance and resistance, as well as the control of images and information.