Pau Waelder


Book: Investigations on the Cultural Economy of Media Art


Edited by Alessio Chierico, published by Digicult Editions

“Investigations on the Cultural Economy of Media Art” is a collection of the heterogeneous perspectives that are contributing to the current discussion about the economies of the Media Art field. Acknowledging the needs of the art market and its role in the commodification and validation of art practices, this book expands its gaze to the whole setting of the art economy. Addressing the issues of conservation and distribution, as well as many other aspects impacting on this sector, a special emphasis is put on new innovative and critical models. This text originated from an academic research conducted by Alessio Chierico and published by the Digicult Art Director Marco Mancuso, as a series of articles, during a period of six months.

The book include papers and essays from (and interviews to) some of the most important curators and critics investigating the possible and impossible impacts of technologies on production, distribution, collection and market of media art pieces. AUTHORS: Paolo Cirio, Annette Doms, Vincenzo Estremo, Steve Fletcher, Marialaura Ghidini, Wolf Lieser, Jonas Lund, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Marco Mancuso, Rebekah Modrak, Christiane Paul, Domenico Quaranta, Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, Gerfried Stocker, Pau Waelder

Included in this publication is my text “How to Sell Online Art and Make Millions (of visits)”, written for The Wrong Biennale 2015, and an interview by Alessio Chierico on the occasion of the Media Art and the Art Market symposium in Linz in 2016.

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